Report and decision

What is this for?

After completing the necessary steps of the discovery phase, it is time to put our key findings in a Discovery phase report and then decide whether to develop the idea or concept further.

The report is as an excellent way to document our findings and can also work as our memory later in the project. “What did the customers say about this again?”

A report should include:

1. Desktop study findings – including business and market data.
2. Interview findings – including customer quotations that verify the findings.
3. Demand evaluation – Is there demand, can we do it, is it worth it?
4. Proposal to continue or discontinue the project


  • Keep the discovery report relevant and make it fun.
  • A report doesn’t have to be boring to read, and you can e.g. include pictures and memes.
  • You should feel joy as you return to the report later in your co-creation journey.
  • Remember to communicate the results to all involved stakeholders.