Partner Campus

The Innovation Platform of the Sustainable Technology Hub Ecosystem

In the Partner Campus we let people from the ecosystem connect and come together in order to create win-win solutions. We encourage sharing learnings that can enable us to reach results faster together and strive to rapidly build, test and validate different ideas.

Discover more about the Partner Campus by reading about the Campus Community, Ecosystem projects and the Co-creation Playbook.


The Partner Campus Community

The Partner Campus Community offers a fast connection to a shared network of expertise. To be part of the Community is to be a part of a network where innovation risks and data are shared, and where sharing insights is encouraged. The Partner Campus also offers possibility for project-specific testing and validation in STH’s ProtoZone area.


Ecosystem projects

Ecosystem projects like FAME (Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem), OSME (Open Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem) and ZEM (Zero Emission Marine) play a key role in fostering innovation and collaboration. Read about more examples of different ecosystem projects orchestrated by STH and Partner Campus.


Co-creation Playbook

The Playbook is our toolbox and guide for co-creation. In it, we have gathered some best practices and methods for co-creation. The Playbook is an evolving process and hence will be updated and improved based on experience and feedback.