In Wärtsilä we are around 18 000 unique experts located around the world in over 70 countries and 200 locations. One of these locations is the Sustainable Technology Hub. In STH, as we lovingly call this Centre for innovation and co-creation, we work among colleagues with various backgrounds and expertise in many different areas. Everyday we work towards our purpose of enabling sustainable societies through innovation in technology and services. This means that we work on making this world a better place for all of us – why not join the ride?

Meet our people

Henna and Kasper
Maria and Asko
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Why the Sustainable Technology Hub?

The Sustainable Technology Hub is one of Wärtsilä´s tangible steps in creating a decarbonised energy and maritime future. Here we innovate and create solutions together with an ecosystem of different players in order to create a more sustainable tomorrow. Every employee can in their own way make a difference by bringing their unique set of skills to the table. We believe in equal opportunities and personal growth and want to support our employees in finding their own path within Wärtsilä.


Wärtsilä worldwide

The Sustainable Technology Hub is located in Vaasa, Finland, but this does not limit our work to this specific location. Wärtsilä has operations in over 200 locations in more than 70 countries. We are approximately 17,800 employees, of which 62% are located in Europe, 22% in Asia, 11% in the Americas and 5% in other regions. This means that regardless of location, our employees are all working together in an global atmosphere where we bring our expertise together in global networks.

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Open positions

We are continuously looking for new talents to join us in the Sustainable Technology Hub, other locations in Finland or Wärtsilä globally.


Wärtsilä Voice

Interested to know how our employees feel about working at Wärtsilä? In our WärtsiläVoice Intagram account our employees in Finland share their views on how they ended up working for Wärtsilä, what they do in their daily job and possible career tips. We also share updates on what fairs we will be present at, what events we have ongoing and possible other things we have ongoing. Follow the account to get the latest updates.


City of Vaasa

Did you know that the Vaasa region in western Finland and the energy technology companies in the region form the largest ENERGY CLUSTER in the Nordic countries? In Vaasa we have a strong tradition of working together in ecosystems together with businesses and organisations. Read more about the City of Vaasa on their website.