STHEC – unleash your creativity

STHEC – the Sustainable Technology Hub Ecosystem Challenge – is a two-day hackathon focused on solving common ecosystem challenges by connecting students, companies, universities, universities of applied sciences together in an ecosystem of co-creation.

The 2023 edition of STHEC will be organised at Wärtsilä´s Sustainable Technology Hub in Vaasa on the 21-22 February by Wärtsilä in collaboration with Danfoss, Wasaline, Hitachi Energy, Vaasan Sähkö and the City of Vaasa.

Application for STHEC is now closed, we thank all applicants!


What is it?

A 2-day innovation challenge organised on the 21-22 February 2023 for students enrolled in a University or University of Applied Sciences in Finland, where they get to solve real challenges provided by companies and organizations.

An event where we connect students, companies and professionals together.

A showcase of how it is to work in an ecosystem of different players and co-create new solutions together.


How is it done?

You apply and rank your preferred challenge to work on. After applying you will get a confirmation e-mail when the application period is closed.

The selected students are grouped into teams based on their study programmes and their preferred challenge. We aim to make the teams as diverse as possible.

Teams ideate and come up with innovative solutions to the challenges while using all the services provided in the event ecosystem.

The teams pitch their ideas in a Shark Tank.


What´s in it for you?

A chance to network with other students, professionals and companies. The summer application period will be ongoing during the event and several hiring managers will be present at the event.

The winning team of STHEC will automatically receive invites for summer job interviews at one of the organizing companies. We also have lots of other fun prizes that can be won during the event!

A possibility to unleash your creative side and ideate while making new friends.



Challenges 2023

STHEC 2023 has three common Ecosystem challenges that you can apply to work on. When applying, you are asked to rank the challenges in your preferred order. We cannot guarantee that you will get the challenge of your choice, but we will for sure aim to do so.



The application period for STHEC 2023 is now closed. We thank all of you who have applied and we will reach out to you shortly.

Previous STHEC years

STHEC was for the first time arranged in 2019 and for the second time, as an online event, in 2021.

Energy Academy

Energy Academy

The Energy Academy is a newly founded network consisting of companies, universities and universities of applied sciences in the Vaasa region, which aim is to attract and maintain competence in our region.  By collaborating, students get to make acquaintance with the companies while the companies in turn get to integrate with the academic world.

Partners of the Energy Academy are at this stage: Hanken School of Economics, University of Helsinki, VAMK, University of Vaasa, Novia, Åbo Akademi University, ABB Oy, Danfoss, EnergyVaasa, Hitachi Energy, Merinova, City of Vaasa, Vaasan Sähkö, VASEK and Wärtsilä Finland.



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