Stakeholder interviews & example

What is this for?

Stakeholder Interviews is a method for gathering information from individuals across various groups who will participate in the management, design, delivery, or consumption of a service. ​

Why use it?

It is important to understand stakeholders’ different points of view to be able to design a service that meets their main needs, wishes and expectations. By asking questions researchers can understand and discover hidden knowledge about what participants are doing and, more importantly, why they are doing it.

How? ​

An interviews technique works best when done by one or two researchers and one or two participants. Large groups of participants can get unruly. ​

  • Identify stakeholders to interview.
  • Develop interview questions and key topics​.
  • Test interview questions, refine if needed​.
  • Conduct the interview. ​
  • Collect information by taking notes and audio or video recording. In some instances, this might be best done in context​.
  • Share the summary presentation and get a sign-off from all key stakeholders.


  • Stakeholder list​
  • Interview script​
  • Field journals​
  • Video or audio recorders​
  • Pens​
  • Paper, post-it notes​
  • Flipcharts

Check out our example of how to do it in practice!