Validate & Test

Before we make Go – No go decisions, we like to validate and test our ideas and concepts with potential users or customers. This can be done in many ways. One way to get the customers or users view on the concept, is for example to build a rough prototype and demo it. Another option is to arrange interviews or discussions together with the users and collect their feedback.

Smart Partner Campus offers many ways to validate and test concepts. In this chapter you can find out more about the ProtoZones, Common Labs and the AM Campus.

Activities in this chapter

  • Validate the concept
  • Build first prototype
  • Usability testing with users/customers


  • Validated concept
  • Test result from usability testing
  • Decision if/how to more forward

When we reach this point, we need to look at everything we’ve got so far and decide if we want to proceed with the concept or not. If we decide that we want to continue, there are many ways how we could proceed from this point.

Some examples are:

  • Joint development project
  • Joint venture
  • New start-up

However, if we decide to not proceed, that is also fine. Better to stop now than after spending a small fortune on something that no one is willing to pay for nor is useful to the end user/customer.