Revenue & cost

What is this for?

You can use this canvas to guide your cost and revenue discussion. Note that some sections might not be applicable to your solution.


Check topics on each column one-by-one and evaluate if it is somehow applicable to your solution. Consider if you should think about it now or is it perhaps something to be listed in assumptions to be checked in the next phase.

Then, you can calculate how much money your solution should bring back to get revenue. The revenue model is something you should reflect on the customer/user needs and the way they are going to use your solution.

The progress column is a plan explaining how much money will come back and when. Note that you probably need to go back and forth with the columns of this canvas but that’s normal. Keep in mind to select only the parts that are relevant for your solution – no need to fill in all fields.


This exercise supports you when you fill in questions 5 Revenue streams and 6 Cost structure on the Idea canvas.