Idea evaluation

What is this for?

If you have several good ideas and you are not sure what would be the best for first validation round, use this method to evaluate your ideas from different perspectives.


Write down your best ideas and start evaluating based on the evaluation criteria below. All the evaluation criteria are further described on the next page. Each criteria now forms a category, where you rank your ideas with scores from 1 to X (X being the amount of ideas you are evaluating and 1 being the best value). Note that you must give a score to all ideas, and ideas can’t share the same score in a category. Fill this canvas one column at the time. Then, calculate your final score and note that the smallest score is the best here.

Evaluation criteria (more details in canvas)

  • Strategic Fit
  • Customer / User Involvement
  • Business Value
  • Complexity
  • Game Changer
  • Urgency