Wärtsilä arranges Smart Technology Hub Ecosystem Challenge for students 12.-13.11.2019


At Wärtsilä we believe in collaboration and working together as an ecosystem. The Smart Technology Hub, and especially the Smart Partner Campus creates a whole new platform and model for co-creation and collaboration in an ecosystem. We now want to bring this concept of collaboration closer to you students by launching a Smart Technology Hub Ecosystem Challenge, STHEC, is all about.

STHEC is an external event arranged for students in universities and universities of applied sciences in Finland. The event takes place 12-13.11.2019 at Wasa Innovation Center in Vaasa. The event is arranged in collaboration with the partners City of Vaasa, Vaasan Sähkö and University of Vaasa.

How does it work?

The event is a two-day innovation challenge. During the challenge, the students will be given six different real-life challenges that Wärtsilä and the partners provide. The students will then be teamed up to work on different challenges. Each team will come up with a product, service or business idea as an answer to each challenge in question. The teams will compete against the other groups and develop their ideas in the competition ecosystem consisting of customers, service designers, facilitators and sharks (judges). For two days, the team will come up with a solution for the challenge, they will design and develop it and in the end pitch it to the sharks. Based on their ideas and pitch, a winning team with the best solution will be chosen and awarded. 

If you are a student with any kind of major, you are welcome to apply. You can read more about STHEC and apply on our web-pages at www.wartsila.com/sthec