Smart Technology Hub combines state-of-the-art automation with energy management


The design, construction and use of the Smart Technology Hub are guided by BREEAM certification, a rating system that assesses the eco-efficiency of buildings. The building, energy management and electricity distribution solutions, as well as the process automation delivered by Schneider Electric for the project will ensure compliance with the certification requirements and the building’s adaptability for decades to come. Wärtsilä Finland and Schneider Electric have concluded a technology partnership agreement on the Smart Technology Hub project.

In the Smart Technology Hub research and product development, production and the surrounding ecosystem will work in close collaboration. The technology centre, unique in its field, will enable more agile and efficient testing and product development in the marine and energy industries. It will be commissioned in stages starting in late 2021.

“The Smart Technology Hub will be a place where our vision of smart marine and 100 per cent renewable energy future will become a reality,” says Senior Project Manager Jukka Rapo of Wärtsilä.

Wärtsilä’s leading role is also reflected in how it is building the new technology centre and in its aim to make it an environmentally sustainable complex. Targeting BREEAM (Building Research Establishment’s Environmental Assessment Method) certification created a framework for the building’s design, construction and monitoring, for the present and the future. The certification will be used as a means of, for instance, examining and monitoring the building’s energy consumption.

The Smart Technology Hub has also united Wärtsilä and Schneider Electric through a joint technology partnership agreement. Schneider will deliver to Wärtsilä the facility management, electricity distribution and energy management systems, as well as the process automation, for the project.

“Schneider and Wärtsilä have both committed to making available all possible technology that is important for the Smart Technology Hub. Outdated solutions will not sit well in the modern building,” says Rapo.

Schneider’s solutions for the Vaasa project include, among other things, the Smart Panel for power distribution, the Power Monitor Expert (PME), building automation, KNX automation and ATV650 variable speed drives. The process automation is based on Modicon M580 technology.

Real-time data on the building’s energy consumption thanks to smart electricity distribution

The construction of a smart building starts with planning the implementation of the electricity distribution and the selection of equipment that enables data collection and monitoring.

Thanks to the smart power distribution and metering implemented with Schneider’s Smart Panel solution, Wärtsilä’s control room can stay on top of what is happening in the building.

“With the Smart Panel, the building can be monitored remotely and the user gains real-time data on the state of the power system, the need for maintenance and the power consumption,” says Application Specialist Arto Uskalinmäki of Schneider Electric.

The data to be collected via the Smart Panel system will be transmitted to the PME monitoring program, from where it will be used in building maintenance. The monitoring will bring savings in both energy and servicing costs, in addition to boosting the efficiency of maintenance.

According to Rapo, being able to quickly take action in the event of possible malfunctions is also important to Wärtsilä. 

“In malfunction and fault situations, data is sent through the ICT network to the control room, where the IP address instantly reveals the location of the fault.”

“By tracking the live data, we can also monitor whether energy consumption remains within the limits specified in the BREEAM certificate. The system is adjusted if necessary,” explains Rapo.

Easy implementation of electrical panels praised

Implementation of the electrical panels began in January 2021. The solution is bus controlled: the controls, indicators and power metering are carried out via the electrical panels, with no traditional wiring. Every electrical panel was designed to be connected to the IT network so that the data can be collected and analysed.

“The entire process, from panel building to commissioning, has been made easy. The system’s connectivity and scalability will also be easy in future,” say Schneider Electric’s Sales Manager Timo Santala and Global Account Manager Toni Kylkisalo.

With software-based control circuits, there are considerably fewer internal connections in the panel compared to traditional panel building. In addition, the Smart Panels solution makes control adjustments possible without the need to open the panel. Increasing metering or controlled loads does not require the building of control circuits in the field afterwards.

The smart system was also praised by Bravida, the company in charge of the project’s electrical and ventilation contract. Bravida is an expert in technical facility services, offering its customers end-to-end services in technical building contracting and maintenance services that last for the entire life cycle of the property.

“Thanks to the Smart Panel solution, KNX automation, metering & control and the indicator are on the same bus. This makes it possible to eliminate the control and indicator cables. When the solution to be used comes from a single supplier, it is also easier to get support on the construction site if necessary,” says Unit Leader Dennis Sundqvist of Bravida’s Vaasa office.

According to him, energy efficiency is a hot topic in the industry. Bravida carries out a wide range of technical facility contracts, and its services focus on optimising energy use.

“It’s in tune with the times. The Smart Panel solution is well-suited to sites where the aim is to closely monitor electricity distribution and energy consumption and to develop energy consumption optimisation management.”

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