3D printing hands-on training at FAME ecosystem’s AM Campus in the Sustainable Technology Hub


The FAME ecosystem (Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem), launched by DIMECC Ltd., is an innovative industrial ecosystem that increases the role of 3D printing and brings together Finnish players in the additive manufacturing (AM) field.

FAME involves more than 20 companies as founding members, Wärtsilä being one of them. AM Campus, the open 3D printing experimental centre in Vaasa at the Sustainable Technology Hub (STH) is a place where the ecosystem can do hands-on training and go from theory to practice. Being part of FAME allows us to share our own facilities and equipment across company borders and openly share information on how printouts and related technical solutions work.

The ecosystem’s aim is to raise Finland to the world’s leading countries in 3D printing utilisation, sales, and know-how.

Event series to boost the development work

Additive manufacturing is utilised widely for prototyping, tooling and for the parts of our end products. At the AM Campus in STH it’s possible to 3D-print metals, polymers, and composites.

The AM Campus has been buzzing with activity lately and the “AM Campus 2.0” event series started in the beginning of October. The series consists of three events, taking place in autumn 2022, which are free for participants. The series takes place at Wärtsilä Sustainable Technology Hub in Vaasa. The event series is organised by Wärtsilä, DIMECC and Merinova Technology Centre and it concentrates on practical training.

The first event was a successful hands-on training session focusing on learning what additive manufacturing means in practice. Engineers from 10 different companies learned the tools to challenge old manufacturing methods and was helped to identify AM use cases. The second event will be a more advanced training for designers, focusing on how to optimate the design to get the best out of AM.

Take your design and skills to the advanced AM era

The second event is called “Advanced DfAM – Take your engineering design and workflow skills to the advanced AM era”. It will focus on the tools primarily aimed at the design and optimisation of products for additive manufacturing. Through a combination of best-in-class examples of topology optimisation, lattice structures integration and field driven design, the participants will master everything they need to work effectively with nTopology software. The full capabilities of the software are practiced with hands-on-exercises, tutorials, and facilitators guides.

The event will be held at STH in Vaasa on 9-10 of November 2022 and you will have the possibility to discuss and challenge the experts of nTopology, University of Vaasa and the companies of FAME ecosystem.

Are you working with additive manufacturing and would like to join the next event?

Registration is now open via this link!

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