Introducing the Sustainable Technology Hub

Welcome to an Ecosystem
of Co-creation

A Future-Proof Growth Investment

The Wärtsilä Sustainable Technology Hub (STH) lets people from around the globe take part in creating innovations that enable sustainable societies. This is a showcase of how we will work in the future where we invite the whole ecosystem to work and create together with us. Scroll down to explore more.


Turning Data into Insights

R&D and Production
in One Place

Introducing the Sustainable Technology Hub

Not only is STH a place for state-of-the-art production, it is also a place for top-notch research, development and engineering. Here we create new solutions that will help the world become more sustainable.


In the harbour

A Floating Testlab

A State-of-the-art Testlab

In the harbour just outside STH there is a ferry equipped with a floating testlab. The ferry acts as a state-of-the-art testlab for Wärtsilä’s most technically advanced solutions enabling real-time monitoring and validation. Here we can test our ideas in practice.

Scene 4 Campus0

New Innovations

We Invite People to
Co-create With Us

Introducing Partner Campus

At Wärtsilä we believe that ideas don´t always simply appear out of thin air. Therefore we have invited stakeholders to innovate with us in the Campus. We believe that where people meet, new ideas are born.


High-Tech Solutions

In the Heart of the
Energy Cluster

Towards a More Sustainable Future

The Sustainable Technology Hub is located in Vaasa, Finland, which is the leading energy cluster in the Nordic countries. We are one of the key-players in the industry and our playground is the whole globe. Together we are on a journey discovering a more sustainable future.