Smart Partner Campus Newsflash 1/2021


Co-creation and innovation together with partners and stakeholders are an important part of the emerging Smart Technology Hub in Vaskiluoto. The Hub will therefore consist of a Smart Partner Campus – a place for win-win co-creation.

The foundation of collaboration is built upon trust; an atmosphere of mutual beliefs and understanding for each other. The Smart Partner Campus is no exception. We have already dug in on the topic of the Campus values and mindset, now it´s time to open up the principles.

The principles are the ones to help build a culture in the Campus; a culture of collaborative innovation that help the partners know what is expected of them and what they in turn can expect from others when they step into the Campus world. One could almost describe them as rules or maybe norms for collaboration. They help form the environment and create trust. As a result of the principles, all parties at the Smart Partner Campus can be empowered to openly and freely discuss in this highly collaborative environment.

The principles are the ones to help build a culture in the Campus; a culture of collaborative innovation

The principles are six in total, and together they help build the unique foundation for the Smart Partner Campus culture and atmosphere;

Reciprocity is key

All cooperation taking place in the Campus should be based on mutual beliefs and on companionship; on doing something together in collaboration to reach goals that is of mutual benefit.

Respect for autonomy

The parties autonomy should be respected. Every party will have their individual interests, and that should be respected. However, interaction and communication between the parties should guarantee that there is equality between the parties at all times while cooperating.

Honest, open communication

The communication should be honest, open-minded and genuine. Furthermore, all information shared should be authentic and create mutual understanding.

Loyalty towards each other

The parties in the Campus should be loyal to each and have an unbiased relationship. This way we can guarantee respect towards each other and towards each other´s interests.

Equity helps navigate

In case there are unpredictable situations where there is unequal distribution of benefits, equity should guide the parties further. The parties’ motives for upholding the relationship should always be safeguarded. However, sometimes unequal share of benefits might be justified if there have been investments made or risks taken. Fairness is key.

Integrity creates trust

Integrity should create confidence in words and actions. This should transform into mutually aligned decisions that can create extraordinary results for the common good.