Smart Partner Campus News Flash 2/2020


Co-creation and innovation together with partners and stakeholders are an important part of the emerging Smart Technology Hub in Vaskiluoto. The Hub will therefore consist of a Smart Partner Campus – a place for win-win co-creation.

In the last Smart Partner Campus News we explained what the Smart Partner Campus is, who the partners of the Smart Partner Campus are and what has happened since the launch. We learned that in order to form a trusted environment, the Smart Partner Campus Partners have together co-created a set of mindset and values that will form the foundation of the future collaboration. In this second number of Smart Partner Campus News we will dive deeper into the mindset and values.

The mindset and values

Workshops together with people from all the partner organisations resulted in six important values; Openness, Drive, Together, Talent, Trust and Agile. The values reflect the mindset that is needed in the co-creation environment.

Be open – Dare to share & listen to learn

Openness means welcoming everyone to the community. After all, they might turn out to be those superheroes you have always wanted to work with. We all have different backgrounds and perspectives. To be open means listening to all different perspectives openly while sharing our own. And not to forget, to share possible lessons learned.

Drive – keep the goal in sight

New ways of working are not easy to adopt. We need to keep the greater goal in mind when encountering problems and remember, in a constantly changing and evolving environment, the table might not always be set for you. It’s best to roll up your sleeves and make the table yourself. It is the outcome that matters.

Together – one team, one mission

In today´s changing society we probably all find ourselves dealing with complex problems that only a multidisciplinary team can solve. The sooner we start solving the problem together, the better. In order to do so, we need to make sure that we agree on a common goal and aim for win-win co-creation situations that benefit us all in the end.

Talent – unleash your talent

We need talented people to do extraordinary things. Whether we are current experts or future professionals, we need each other. Everyone can bring something unique to the table and that is something to be proud of. We need to expand our horizons by finding the sweet spots where different areas of knowledge meet and flourish.

Trust – work like friends

Without trust, there is no collaboration. Therefore, we need to have faith in the good intentions and capabilities of others. The possible risks are minimized through common agreements, agreements that have been drafted together. We need to feel free to share the things we know, but also the things we have no idea about. There’s likely someone who can fill in the gaps for us.

Agile – adapt and stay curious

Question the obvious. Do lean and mean research to understand ecosystem drivers. Think big and be open to innovation. Create fast feedback loops. Validate your assumptions by experimenting in early phases. Give up on ideas that don’t fly.