Teaming up

What is this for?

Brilliant new ideas need a well-functioning team to investigate and innovate them further. Team members’ common mindset and values create fruitful foundation for teaming-up and co-creation. Transparent dialogue about competences, desires and roles makes it easier for building a dynamic and happy team. Teaming up is important step for boost squad spirit; building trust & motivation.


1. Book enough time and relaxed space (virtual or face to face) for team building
2. Do some sharing – your team is your second family. These templates might help you to start the dialogue and to get you known to each other.
3. Create a “Teaming Up” plan, e.g., activities during a meeting, activities during a workday and after-work meetings:

  • Why not to start your meeting with everyone’s favourite “Count to 20” game or organize a 5-minute yoga-class online to see how flexible your colleagues are? Such brief and concise activities can be enough to spark innovation and break the ice.
  • During a Workday, coffee stand-ups might be a good way to chit chat, get to know everybody closer as well as align some news. Do a Silent Line-Up or host a hackathon between teams – the tricky part here is not to make them too long, otherwise effects will be quite opposite.
  • After-work activities are true way to build camaraderie and trust, here there is no limitations to your creativity (except legal ones) – from camping with spooky campfire stories to cooking classes. It’s certainly more challenging to gather people outside of work, however, the results are more effective.

4. Please bear in mind that your “Teaming Up” plan should not, actually, cannot be static. Improvise, change and try – find own uniquely-targeted path to bring your people closer together.