Partner Campus Community

The Community – Network of expertise

The Partner Campus Community offers a fast connection to a shared network of expertise. To be part of the Community is to be a part of a network where innovation risks and data are shared, and where sharing insights is encouraged.

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Co-creation Support

The Community offers co-creation support and shared learnings from co-creation journeys that enable faster decisions. Furthermore, the community works in an agile way and supports in the early stages of innovation, from discovering the idea to concept testing. To assist, the Co-creation Playbook works as a toolbox and guide for co-creation.


Co-creation Facilities

The physical Partner Campus in Vaasa offers facilities for both short and long term co-creation projects. The facilities available also enable prototyping and testing activities. The facilities available also enable prototyping and testing activities in the ProtoZone area.


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Mindset and Values

A group of partners came together to define requirements for fruitful collaboration. The outcome was a set of shared mindset and values that reflect the ingredients needed in a co-creation environment. The values are Openness, Drive, Together, Talent, Trust and Agile.



Principles and Agreements

The foundation of collaboration is built upon trust and culture of collaborative innovation. This helps the partners to know what is expected of them and what they in turn can expect from others when they step into the Partner Campus.