ABB delivers the primary power distribution solution and robotic technologies for Wärtsilä’s new Smart Technology Hub

  • ABB is delivering the primary power distribution solution with protection relays and robotic technology to technology company Wärtsilä’s Smart Technology Hub research, product development and produc-tion centre, which is being completed in Vaskiluoto, Vaasa.
  • As Wärtsilä’s technology partner, ABB is securing the reliability, high energy efficiency, sustainable solutions and automated production processes in the technology centre.

For Wärtsilä’s new technology centre, ABB Finland has delivered and installed the primary power distribution solution with switchgears and protective relays, as well as robotic technologies with ABB’s robotics partners. ABB is also responsible for the implementation services of the entire system. 

“We are excited to provide our top-level Finnish technology expertise in Wärtsilä’s modern research, product development and production centre in Vaasa. The primary power distribution solution with protective relays allows for safe, sustainable and energy-efficient power distribution and use in the centre,” explains ABB’s Sales Manager Mika Numminen.

The management, design and implementation of the power distribution project is being handled by ABB’s local Energy Industries division in Vaasa, so support is nearby where needed. In addition, the facility uses numerous ABB robots to automate Wärtsilä’s production. The applications for demanding production processes have been designed and implemented with ABB’s robotics partners.

New solutions in collaboration

Wärtsilä’s new technology centre is an ecosystem in which companies, organizations, start-ups and universities can meet, share experiences, and create new smart solutions for maritime transport and the energy industry.

ABB and Wärtsilä have been collaborating for decades in power plant and maritime power distribution and automation solutions.

“Our long-standing experience is being put to good use in the new technology centre, where we are using solutions from several fields of business to promote a safe and efficient working environment. In addition, we can use the Smart Technology Hub and its cooperation opportunities to create new power and automation solutions for Wärtsilä or other customers,” Numminen adds.

“We are very pleased to have ABB in our partner network and we can deepen our cooperation even further. We have selected as the Smart Technology Hub technology partners such as players who can bring to our technology centre the best products and solutions available. At the same time, we are creating a mutually beneficial agile ecosystem for the development and deployment of the marine and energy industry solutions,” says Vesa Riihimäki, Director, Delivery Management, Wärtsilä.